Youth Athletic Development

A 3 Phase Approach

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The goal of youth athletic development is to develop healthy, capable, and resilient young athletes. Players who are exposed to a structured physical program express more movement efficiency, coordination, and stability in their movements, compared to those who are not. As a result, players can become faster, stronger, powerful, and more agile in their sporting experience.

In this course, we will highlight 3 stages: Foundation Stage, Development Stage, and the Performance Stage. We will focus on the starting point, the Foundational Stage which will lay the groundwork for future work in sport-specific demands and training demands.

Learning Objectives

Identify and explain the process of youth athletic development

Recognize the three stages of development and how to categorize your players

Explain the key training methods for the Foundation Stage

Course Procedure

  1. Enroll in the course.
  2. View the course content.
  3. Take the test. (You must score 80% to pass. If you do not pass, you may retake the test.)
  4. Print your certificate of completion.

Course Content

1. Introduction: Youth Athletic Development
2. Movement is a Skill
3. Three Global Movements
4. Creating the “Coaching Eye”
5. Physical Literacy
6. Fundamental Movement Skills
7. Speed
8. Conclusion
9. Practical Examples

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